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HCD was able to set over 160 meetings to date and 21 starts

Jason Fiske

Executive Director of the Master of Legal Studies Program, UCLA School of Law

HCD’s campaign for Executive Education produced five times the number of qualified leads over the year before, while reducing the cost per qualified lead by

A full one-third of our incoming class is from leads generated by HCD’s campaign and our overall acquisition cost per student dropped by 10% due to HCD’s amazing result

Kathleen McGill

Executive Programs Outreach, Seattle University

HCD has helped the UCLA Anderson School of Management to focus on growing our Executive MBA Program and was able to generate applications resulting in $2.7M in new revenue in just 18 months. I highly recommend HCD for any graduate program needing to greatly boost their pool of qualified candidates.

Shannon Bell

Director of Strategy - Recruiting, Admissions & Marketing, Executive MBA Programs
UCLA Anderson School of Management

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Why Should Loyola Work with HCD?

Unique Value Proposition (UVP)


Graduate+MLS+LLM Expertise + Proven Success

HCD has extensive experience and proven success, exclusively in the area of university, graduate, and legal program outreach campaigns. We are not trying to be everything to everyone. We have an unyielding focus on being the best for your market and experts in finding qualified candidates for your program.


End-to-End Management From Intro to Application

Your dedicated HCD Marketing Administrator runs your CRM and hand-holds the candidate from introduction to application. We “marry” together the Sales and Marketing departments. No other marketing firm offers this level of collaboration with everyone on your admissions team.


Relentless Pursuit to Innovate

The right use of new technology is the best way to find people just-in-time and to hyper-personalize messaging to the prospective candid, so you stand-out from all the other spam messaging they receive. We have weaved AI and technology into our entire delivery and commit to remaining relentless in our search to keep advancing you, one step ahead of your competitor’s programs.